10 Lines on My School For Students And Children In English

10 Lines on My School For Students And Children In English: My school holds a special place in my heart. It’s not just a place of learning, but also a second home where I have made lasting memories and forged lifelong friendships. In this article, I will share 10 lines about my school, providing insights into its name, location, facilities, classroom experiences, teachers, favorite subjects, extracurricular activities, friendships, daily routine, and memorable moments. Join me as I take you on a journey through my school life!


School is an essential part of every child’s life. It’s a place where knowledge is imparted, skills are developed, and character is shaped. My school, Bal Vikas Mandir School, is a vibrant institution located in [Location]. With its state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated staff, it provides an enriching environment for students to grow academically, socially, and emotionally.

About My School

Bal Vikas Mandir School is renowned for its commitment to academic excellence. The campus boasts spacious classrooms equipped with modern technology, creating an interactive learning experience. Additionally, the school houses well-equipped science and computer labs, a library brimming with books, and a playground that serves as a hub of physical activities.

10 Lines on My School For Students And Children In English
10 Lines on My School For Students And Children In English

My Classroom

Stepping into my classroom feels like entering a world of knowledge. The walls are adorned with colorful educational posters, inspiring quotes, and student artwork. The seating arrangement promotes collaboration and engagement, fostering a sense of belonging and teamwork among classmates. The classroom is a haven where curiosity is nurtured, ideas are exchanged, and creativity flourishes.


At Bal Vikas Mandir School, the teachers play a pivotal role in shaping our educational journey. They possess a wealth of knowledge and employ innovative teaching methods that make learning enjoyable and effective. They go beyond textbooks, encouraging us to think critically, ask questions, and explore diverse perspectives. Their passion for teaching instills a love for learning in each student.


In the diverse curriculum of Bal Vikas Mandir School, there are several subjects that captivate my interest. Among them, my favorite subjects are Math & Science. These subjects not only fuel my curiosity but also align with my aspirations for the future. Through interactive lessons and practical applications, my teachers make these subjects come alive, igniting a passion for knowledge within me.

Extracurricular Activities

Apart from academics, Bal Vikas Mandir School offers a plethora of extracurricular activities to nurture students’ holistic development. From sports teams and clubs to cultural events and competitions, there is something for everyone. Engaging in extracurricular activities allows us to explore our talents, build leadership skills, and form bonds with like-minded peers.


One of the most cherished aspects of my school life is the friendships I have formed. The diversity of students at Bal Vikas Mandir School has exposed me to various cultures, perspectives, and backgrounds. I have met individuals who have become my confidants, supporters, and partners in both academic and personal endeavors. Together, we create a close-knit community that celebrates each other’s successes and supports one another during challenging times.

Daily Routine

Every day at Bal Vikas Mandir School follows a well-structured routine. We begin with the morning assembly, where we recite the national anthem, say prayers, and listen to inspiring speeches. Throughout the day, we have different periods for various subjects, with short breaks in between for relaxation and socializing. The disciplined routine ensures a conducive environment for effective learning.

School Celebrations

At Bal Vikas Mandir School, we celebrate various festivals and special events that reflect the cultural diversity of our students. These celebrations provide a platform for us to showcase our talents, learn about different traditions, and foster a sense of unity and harmony. The vibrant atmosphere during these festivities fills the school with joy and excitement, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts.


As I reflect on my time at Bal Vikas Mandir School, countless memories come rushing back. From participating in inter-school competitions to organizing fundraising events, each memory holds a unique place in my heart. The friendships, the laughter, the challenges overcome, and the lessons learned have all contributed to shaping the person I am today. These memories are a treasure that I will carry with me throughout my life.


My school, Bal Vikas Mandir School, is not merely a building but a nurturing environment where dreams take flight and character is molded. It has provided me with a holistic education that extends beyond textbooks, fostering personal growth, and preparing me for the challenges of the future. I am grateful for the invaluable experiences and opportunities I have gained through my school, and I will forever cherish the memories created within its walls.

10 Lines on My School For Students And Children In English

  1. The name of My School is Bal Vikas Mandir School.
  2. My School is located in Bihar, Patna.
  3. My School supports co-education, where girls and boys study together.
  4. All the teachers in my School teach very well.
  5. It has a big campus with a green environment.
  6. There is also a staff room, library, computer laboratory, and chemistry laboratory in our school.
  7. Discipline and punctuality are valued the most in my school.
  8. Around 1200 students study in our school.
  9. My school takes place among some of the finest schools in the city.
  10. I never want to be absent from school.

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How can I enroll my child in Bal Vikas Mandir School?

To enroll your child in Bal Vikas Mandir School, you can visit the school’s website or contact the admissions office directly. They will guide you through the enrollment process and provide you with the necessary information.

Does Bal Vikas Mandir School offer scholarships?

Yes, Bal Vikas Mandir School offers scholarships to deserving students based on their academic performance and other criteria. You can inquire about the scholarship programs during the admission process.

Are there transportation facilities available for students?

Yes, Bal Vikas Mandir School provides transportation facilities for students residing in different areas. The school has a fleet of buses that ensure safe and convenient travel to and from school.

What extracurricular activities are available at Bal Vikas Mandir School?

Bal Vikas Mandir School offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports teams, music clubs, art classes, debate societies, and more. Students can explore their interests and talents outside of the academic curriculum.

How does Bal Vikas Mandir School promote a safe and inclusive environment?

Bal Vikas Mandir School prioritizes the safety and well-being of its students. The school has stringent security measures in place, and the staff is trained to address any concerns promptly. The institution also promotes inclusivity and diversity, fostering an environment where every student feels valued and respected.

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